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Discover Ways To Stop Dog Scratching

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

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If your dog is constantly digging away at his head with his back leg, it is better to do something to stop dog scratching both for the comfort of the dog and your sanity . The scratching is a result of itchy feeling in the dog’s skin and the best way to stop such a behavior is to find the reason behind it, otherwise the dog may even open a wound while scratching .

Fleas are one of the most common reasons for an itchy skin . Such problem can even be caused by ticks. Fleas will not only cause irritation from their bites, but when your dog has accumulated a number of bites, an allergic reaction to flea saliva can set in that will cause the entire body of your pet to itch .

If you want to stop dog scratching, you will have to get rid of the parasites responsible for the problem .Fleas can be handled in a number of ways:  shampooing, flea powder, flea collars, or single application products . In fact you can handle the ticks in similar manner but it is better to thoroughly look out for ticks if they have been outside because there are numerous issues concerned with ticks in case of avoiding them .

Dogs can also have skin problems due to allergies .There is a possibility that the dog is allergic to food or pollen and in such a situation, it is better to eliminate the reasons for it as soon as possible.Many dogs are allergic to food and the first step to stop dog scratching is to change the brand of dog food.

Grains, especially, are foods that dogs in the wild state would rarely eat . It has been observed that corn and wheat are responsible for different kind of allergies and it is better to avoid dog food containing these grains. You can switch over to dog foods with meat as the primary constituent and can help reducing the irritation of the dog.

It may take some time in finding the correct food for your dog and in case you don’t find one then you have to make it all by yourself.

The skin of the dog can become itchy out of dryness.This often results from bathing the dog too frequently, and you can help to stop dog scratching by spacing out your dog’s baths (he will probably thank you for this, anyway). The market is full of products that helps in improving the health of the dog’s skin and will reduce itching to a great level like that of Omega 3.

It is better to find a shampoo which s specially designed for dogs with itching problems and one should try to look out for hypoallergenic shampoo.

In case all of these methods are useless to stop dog scratching  then it is better to visit a veterinarian.

An internal disease can also be the reason for such a problem and also look out for other issues like mange. The mange issue can be easily treated but can be very dangerous if left untreated. If nothing is working out for your dog then it is better to look out for anti-inflammatory medicines like steroids to treat your dog’s problem.

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