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Secrets to Dog Training Review: The Truth and Nothing Else

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

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Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

A lot of owners find it challenging to teach their dogs. Hiring a dog trainer is an alternative nevertheless it can quickly turn into high priced. The very good news is that you’ll find lots of on the internet materials that seek to make dog training less complicated. Stepping up to the plate is Daniel Stevens with his personal guide. Here is actually a quick Secrets to Dog Training review for your reference.

Upon purchase, you will quickly discover how much information is packed inside this guide. It outlines many techniques that teach individuals to cope with common troubles with regards to puppy behavior. You will discover also lessons that cover preventative actions. Right out the gate, Secrets to Dog Training shows  a library of understanding.

The manner and tone of the guide is easy. It was written by Daniel Stevens depending on his own experiences as a dog owner and instructor. Following sifting through the Secrets to Dog Training review, you might be also entitled to thirty minutes worth of downloadable video showing solutions and remedies in action.

The guide covers basically anything that mentions dog troubles. As opposed to other guides though, this 1 offers other useful advice as well. Tips on choosing a new dog, exactly where to get a puppy and deciding on the best breed among others also are included. Obviously the primary attraction is still typical behavioral problems among dogs. Subjects covered consist of aggression, dominance, digging, too much barking and anxiety.

The Secrets to Dog Training review discloses other beneficial information. A few health problems like allergies, fleas and cat/dog relationships are dealt with too.
Possibly the icing on the cake of this guide will be the section that refers to dog whispering. The thought here is that mutual respect and clear communication will be the very best strategy to discipline dogs. This alternative method is gaining popularity among dog owners mainly for its humane approach.

Daniel explains that making use of your entire body language and words works to your benefit in relation to proper dog training. You can train your puppy by doing this with assertion and calm. Learning standard commands including sit, come, remain and quiet are much easier by doing this.

The Secrets to Dog Training review also uncovered a couple of free things associated with acquire. Besides teaching the best way to deal with behavioral problems, the guide also gives a good amount of ideas and advice on your dog’s health. This is certainly some valuable reward material you might use.

Other freebies you can expect with your buy consist of an audio book and five additional books. The titles included are the subsequent:

o A Quick Guide To Dog Aggressiono Dog Grooming Made Easyo Tips On Security Training Your Dogo Secrets To Becoming The Alpha Dogo All The House Training Methods & Tricks
To further enhance the sale, you’re also permitted to a personalised discussion with a fellow member that belongs to the Kingdom of Pets Team. This is a great opportunity to get help on a specific issue relating to your dog. Do you know you also get this at no cost?

This Secrets to Dog Training review has revealed one thing. This informative guide is certainly worth its selling price. Puppy owners and trainers should think about buying it.

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Rajapalayam Dog – An Indian Sighthound

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

The regal movements of the dog is not unlike the trotting of a thoroughbred horse. The dog’s smooth and silky all white coat as well as the pinkish nose and the golden eyes would attract anybodies attention. This dog that hails from India is the handsome and regal looking Rajapalayam Dog, a smaller look alike of the Great Dane. This breed has a well muscled and strong boned body. This dog’s head and body is covered with a somewhat loose skin that does not form wrinkles and dewlaps. The dog has a dome shaped head that is almost always carried high so that the dog would appear to have a snooty temperament.

In India, the Rajapalayam Dog also goes by the name Paleiyakaran and Paligar Hound. Breed enthusiasts believed that the Rajapalayam Dog has existed in India since the 17th century. During that time hunting boar is a favorite sport of the aristocracy. Because of an ultrasensitive scenting ability, a high prey drive and the enthusiasm to hunt, the Rajapalayam Dog became the favorite hunting companion of the Indian aristocracy. A Rajapalayam can hunt other animals too but wild boars are the favorite prey of this dog. These are very ferocious dogs. During the middle of the 18th century, these dogs were used by the Indians in fighting the British Cavalry in the Carnatic Wars.

There is no question about the excellent hunting abilities of this breed but owners of these dogs often get annoyed by the dog’s tendency to get easily distracted. A new scent found will make the dog lose interest, abandon the chase and start anew. In recent years, these dogs that were originally developed to hunt are now seen in homes performing the roles of watch dogs and family pets. The massive size of the dog would be enough to intimidate an intruder. With its protective nature and distrust of strangers, owners of these dogs are confident that they will be protected by the pet from intruders.

A Rajapalayam is a one man dog. It would bond with and shown affection to all the members of the family but this dog will only have one master. A Rajapalayam Dog that is playing with the family will immediately ignore everyone when the favorite person arrives. Surprisingly, this tendency to favor one person is lost when the dog is in the company of children. This is one dog breed that bonds closely with the young members of the family.

A Rajapalayam needs minimal grooming routine to maintain the condition of the coat. Owners of this breed have to ensure that sufficient exercise opportunities are provided if they want to avoid dealing with a hard to control pet.

The Rajapalayam Dog is an outstanding hunter. Further information on this breed, its history, appearance and use can be found at Sarah’s Dogs.

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The way a person should pick dog gates

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Men consider the dog as a very good friend and companion. Dogs are faithful and trustworthy. Dogs are treated by many owners like children.

So, for many dog owners, dog gates are a very important part of life. There is a probability that the dog will misbehave, or a chance that a certain area is out of bounds for the dog, or the best thing to do when you go out is to confine the dog. The things that were mentioned before are all right.

When it comes to select dog gates, many dog owners are quite uncertain. The following information will hopefully help you in selecting the right kind of dog gates for your dogs. Many dog owners are very anxious to leave their dogs alone when they leave the house, or they think that the dogs will be too destructive if left alone in the house.

That is the main reason for many dog owners to look into getting dog gates for house. As it is good to teach the dog who is the boss of the house, it is okay for the owner to put the dog behind dog gates sometimes. A dog owner must ensure that his or her dogs get proper amount of exercise regularly if he or she keeps the dogs in the gated area for too long.

Thai is why it is a good idea to take the dog out for a walk. A dog owner has to remember to make the room dog proof before confining a dog using dog gates. This is even more important if your dog is a chewer.

There is a chance that the dog might get his teeth on phone or electrical chords. This is not good for you and your dog. So, make sure you take out everything that the dog might get his teeth on.

TV cables also fall into this category. In order to occupy the dog’s time, it is a good idea to place something in the room. For instance, you can place a Kong toy that is durable and fill it with treats or maybe some peanut butter.

A dog should not be left with things that can be ingested or be destroyed very easily. One can consider buying pressure mounted dog gates or hardware mounted gates if he or she wants to buy outdoor dog gates. It is not necessary to use any kind of extra tools if you use pressure mounted gates.

When the gate is put into a doorway, a latch is used to create pressure. Compared to the hardware mounted gates, these pressure mounted dog gates have some advantages. They are easy to set up and cheaper.

Tipping over these gates is easier than the others. They are best option only for the small dogs for this reason. One must avoid using a pressure mounted gate at the top of the stairs.

Hardware mounted gates are screwed into the desired area. For this reason hardware mounted gates are sturdier than the pressure mounted ones and can be used at the top of the stairs. A small gate is attached to many hardware mounted gates for the owner to walk on through. After sometime, many dogs might figure out how to jump over the gates and go out. This is one drawback of these gates.

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Halloween Dog Costumes

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Halloween’s coming by and as your pet dog is also a part of your family, why not dress him up too for this special occasion? However, many dogs are not comfortable with dog clothes and accessories so it would be better to go for part costumes such as have him wear hats or bandannas. As most dogs are not too keen in wearing a complete costume, you can also go for making just the head piece or other part of the costume for your dog this Halloween. Given are some ideas on Halloween dog costumes that you can start preparing from today in order to make your dog look best for the upcoming event.

First of all is the Hot Dog costume. The very first of all little dog costumes in our list is the ‘hot dog’ costume. Hot Dog costume is the first of all make it yourself dog costumes that we are going to talk about in this article. For preparing this costume for your canine friend, one will need- tan colored lightweight foam for making the hot dog bun, a dog harness for attaching the bun to your dog, glue, scissors and some felts for making the mustard and/or ketchup. The first step requires you to cut out buns from the foam.

Make sure that the buns are of the same length as the shoulder of your dog. After preparing the bun, round of the edges of the foam using a scissor and then carefully glue it to t he side of the harness. The dog harness is the essential part of this costume as it would help to keep the costume in place.

Next is the bumble bee dog costume and the materials required for making it are as follows- yellow fabric or yellow colored dog t-shirt, black and yellow felts , 2 pom poms or 2 Styrofoam balls, scissors, glue and pipe cleaners as needed. The first step in preparing this costume is cutting the yellow fabric according to your dog’s measurement in order to make a cape that can be tied to your dog’s neck. For making the torso of the bee, you can also use the yellow dog t-shirt instead of the yellow cape.

Cut out bee like stripes from the black felt for this bumble bee costume and then glue it on the cape or on the t-shirt. Create a cap for your dog by gluing the rest of the black felt according to the measurement of your canine friend’s head. Now, for making the antenna, use the Styrofoam balls or the pom poms and attach them to one end of the pipe cleaner and then attach the pipe cleaner to the felt hat.

Here’s another one of the special dog costumes for your canine friend, the ‘princess costume’. The one and only costume piece of this Halloween costume is the head piece. Construction paper, shimmery fabrics such as georgette or silk or any other fabric, elastic band, glues and scissors are the materials that will be required for preparing this easy as pie costume for your dog.

Measure your dog’s head and then cut out the construction paper in order to make a cone from it. You can cover the cone with the shimmery fabric or you can also keep the cone as it is. Then cut and then glue the fabric to the cone so that it would flow like a train.

In order to keep the cone snugly fit to your canine friend, add the elastic bang with glue or with stapler. Ta Da. The Halloween dog costume is ready.

Now for the easier dog costumes for Halloween. You can try the cowboy costume for your dog by just tying a bandana on his neck and by adding a light and comfortable cowboy hat on his head. The costume can be completed by using a toy gun holster to complement his cowboy image. If you do not have enough time or energy for making Halloween dog costumes then just buy a baby bonnet and a baby dress and dress your pet up as a baby.

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How to Adopt a Dog

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Are you considering adding a new dog to your family?  Dogs are great .  They are faithful friends that love their interaction with people .  They love people and people love them.  Adopting a dog from a shelter or rescue is a wonderful way to add a cute, furry friend to your family.

First do some online research and online education, then ask yourself some questions.

Are you looking for a specific breed, age or sex?  Because of excessive breeding and irresponsible dog owners, shelters are packed .  Chances are high that your ideal dog is sitting at a shelter or rescue right now just waiting to be offered a new home .

Some folks believe that a dog from a pet store will be healthier than one from a shelter, but actually, in most cases the opposite is true .  The dogs that you purchase from a pet shop , and some breeders, are carelessly bred to make money , and their genetics might be questionable .  Conversely, shelters will provide health care, vaccines and neutering for the dogs that are of the appropriate age .

When you get a dog from a shelter there is a big emphasisplaced onmatching the right dog with the best owner.  Shelter dogs often have been exposed to other dogs, children, other animals, etc.  Shelters are able to provide a lot of information about a specific dog prior to adoption.

It costs a fair amount of money to buy, or adopt, a dog.  However, adopting is nearly always cheaper than getting one from a pet store or a breeder.   Also , there are special programs for neutering adopted dogs which makes the procedure less expensive .

Probably the most compelling reason to adop t a gog is to save a life.  Up to four million dogs and cats are killed each year because of inadequate shelter space .  This number can be reduced dramatically if people adopt animals rather than buying from pet stores or breeders. 

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Oh No! My Dog is Eating Dirt

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

If your dog eats dirt, your pet may be trying to tell you something. The health of the pet is important. This is why dog owners would provide the pet with premium quality foods. To ensure the health of the pet, owners cook nutritious food for the pet. This is why they would be vexed if the dog is seen eating dirt and other disgusting things.

Pet parents are either amused or irritated by the pet’s peculiar behavior. Dogs would eat just about anything thus owners should not be surprised if the well fed pet would still raid trash cans, dig and eat rotting carcasses of animals. Dogs are even known to eat their own and other animal’s feces! Dogs can suffer from the dangerous effects of this disgusting habit. The dirt eaten by the dog can be tainted with poisonous substances. Parasite infestation is another dangerous effect of eating dirt. To stop the pet’s disgusting behavior, the owner has to know the reasons why the pet has the inclination to eat dirt.

Eating dirt can be due to hunger. The amount of food given to the pet may not be enough thus it is forced to eat dirt to ease the gnawing of the stomach. The habit of eating dirt can be one of the effects of having a super sensitive scenting ability. The dirt may have an interesting smell and because dogs have voracious appetites, they would not pass up the chance to feast on whatever is contained by the dirt.

Dog have the capability to resolve anything that is abnormal with their system. Eating dirt can be the dog’s way of filling up a nutrient deficiency. Commercial dog food hyped to be of premium quality may not contain the right amount of nutrients necessary to maintain the health of the dog. Eating dirt can be a sign that the dog is suffering from a genetic digestive system disorder that prevents vital nutrients from being absorbed by the body.

Anyone wanting to have a dog for a pet must be aware that these animals would demand interaction with its owners. Being social animals, dogs would need constant attention and interaction from the members of the human family. Bored dogs would develop unwanted habits to gain the attention of the family. Eating dirt, along with excessive barking and destructive chewing are some of the unwanted habits that a dog can develop if it does not receive the attention it needs from its human family.

While it isn’t clean. The topic of why dogs eat dirt is an interesting one and you can read more at Sarah’s Dogs.

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Three Factors to Consider for Dog House Plans

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

What is undesirable thing about maintaining your pets indoors is that it will be very arduous to do it particularly when you have large-sized dogs. For this reason, creating a dog house in the yard has to be carried out. Before doing this, you must create a dog house plan for dog kennels first so that you will be able to get it proper and precisely the way you want it. Here are the details you must take into account:

1. Place

Wherever your place is in this world, it is a must that you make sure your dogs will be safe and comfortable in their house. Example when your place is quite cold, then it is a good idea that you give your dogs with heated dog home or some form of insulation to keep them warm. There are quite a few heated beds for pets in the market. On the other hand, when your location is very warm, it is recommended that you put ventilation and put it in a spot where there are trees or at least shade. If you are someone who has loads of money to burn, you can invest in an air-conditioned dog house that is great for locations with temperatures of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

 If you think that other animals and critters may jeopardize the security of your pet, you can always create a dog house that has a magnetic door. With this, only your pet can enter in the house.

2.  Dimension

Normally, pet owners want to make sure that the house of their pets is neither too capacious nor too tight for them. A dog home has to make the pets turn around it and lie down readily. Even so, if you want to invest more, you have at all times have the option to construct them a dog mansion, but it is not required.

3.  Material

The materials employed in developing the dog house must be taken into consideration. In the past, one could only see wooden dog house, however, nowadays one can already see plastic, steel, and PVC materials. There are ready-made materials complete with furbish and they only need to be built.

Tips to Help Your Pet Adjust to his New Home

Helping your pet adjust to its new house will be truly difficult particularly if it is already used to staying inside the house with you, nevertheless, you can do something about it. You can do what a famous saying proposes: slowly but surely. You can start by putting his food within the new dwelling. When it is hungry, it will be pressured to go inside. What you will do next is to place toys and treats inside the new dwelling so as to lure your pet. It will think that it is a enjoyable idea to get within and the experience will make it pleasurable for it instead of horrible. In due time, it will adjust and learn to feel at ease within its newly-build abode.Visit to choose the best of dog houses for your pets today!



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A Dog’s Wagging Tail

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Have you ever considered why your pooch would meet you at the gate with an enthusiastically wagging tail? Your dog cannot voice out its gladness that you have come home safely but if you care to understand, the body movements of the dog would be a clear indication of its feelings in a given situation. Dogs really do have the propensity to wag their tails to show happiness. The wiggling of the dog’s tail typifies its friendly personality. The bond that is formed between a kid and a dog is legendary. Dogs are generally friendly with children thus it is common for these animals to meet a child with an excitedly wagging tail.

Animal behaviorists theorize that the wagging of the tail is one of the body movement dogs do to communicate with humans and with each other and with other animals. Dogs don’t talk, dogs don’t have hands but they can communicate by using various parts of the body. The tail though is considered to be the dog’s most prominent communicating tool. Similar to the wave of the hand, dogs standing at a distance from each other would wag their tails. Just like humans that shake each others hand, dogs would wag the tail to greet each other.

The kind of tail wagging depends on the emotional state of the dog. Only the tip of a tail that is raised high is wagged if the dog is tense and aggressive. This type of tail wagging should make people aware that the dog may attack. Dogs are generally fighters – some are even known to be very ferocious but some breeds have nervous personalities. Nervous dogs will be noticed easily because the tail that is held low between the legs is wagged slowly.

The wagging of the tail is also an indication of the dog’s submission. Dogs are pack animals that have descended from wolves. Wolves that are lower in rank would have to recognize the leader of the pack and the way the tail is held is believed to be a form of submission to the alpha male. Dogs lower in rank will wag the lowered tail slowly in the presence of the leader of the pack. Alpha male would manifest the dominance by holding the tail high and wagging in a no-nonsense manner.

It pays to know the meaning behind the wagging of the dog’s tail to be able to understand the message the pet is trying to convey.

Having learnt about why dogs wag their tails. Wouldn’t you like to know more. Visit Sarah’s Dogs and read about hundreds of other interesting dog beahaviours.

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How Do Dogs Breed

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Dog wise people would know if a bitch is in heat. The swollen vulva would have bloody discharge but what would be more noticeable would be the number of male dogs that would hang around the home. This condition occurs because dogs in the estrus stage would emit a smell that is not unlike a “come hither” signal to male dogs. Dogs are noted for their sensitive noses and when they smell the distinct odor they will come flocking to the bitch’s door

Dogs are seen mating everywhere but the bitch would not be swayed easily by the attention of its suitors. From the male dogs that surround the bitch only one will be allowed to mount. When the bitch is ready, it will allow the male to mount by holding her tail to one side giving easy access to her vulva. Known as flagging, this action of the female is a sign that it is ready to be mated. The penis will penetrate the vulva when the male dog mounts the bitch from behind. After penetration the male dog would commonly swing one leg over the bitch back so that the dogs will be stuck end to end.

Owners that are witnessing mating dogs for the first time would panic believing that the dogs are hurting as aside from being stuck, the dogs may whine and appear to be hurting. It is natural for mating dogs to be stuck end to end and owners must never try to separate them. This part of the mating act is known as the Tie Phenomenon or the mating tie.

A dog’s penis, unlike human penis, can penetrate the vulva even if it not stiff because it has a bone called baculum that holds it rigid. Once the penis has penetrated the vulva, the bulbus glandis located at the base of the penis will swell. This erectile tissue would trap the penis inside the vagina so that the dogs will not be able to separate for about 30 minutes. After the male dog has finished ejaculating the erectile tissue will return to its normal size. The dogs will then be able to separate.

This kind of mating ensures that the bitch will get impregnated because leakage of sperm and the prostatic fluid will be prevented. Because it is common for dogs in heat to be surrounded by male dogs, a smaller dog that was chosen by the female can be ousted by bigger and more aggressive dogs even before the mating is finished but the mating tie ensures that the mating will not be interrupted.

Why do dogs get stuck together when breeding? Read more at Sarah’s Dogs.

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Reasons Why Dogs Turn Around Several Times before Lying Down

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Circling around before lying down to sleep is a habit observed in wolves. Scientists believe that this behavior is done primarily for comfort and for safety. It is the nature of wolves to stay in a pack. These animals of the wild have the tendency to sleep close together to keep each other warm and safe from predators. Thus, before lying down, members of the pack would circle around to mark the spot and to give others more room. The habit is also done to make sure that the chosen spot is not inhabited by snakes and other venomous insects.

Dog wise people believe that modern day dogs are about 99% genetically identical to wolves. Wolves are the ancestors of dogs thus it would not be surprising if some of the behaviors of wolves are seen in dogs. To make the bed fit the contours of the body, dogs would turn around several times before lying down. It is possible that the dog is not satisfied with the soft and comfortable bed provided by the loving owner. Therefore the dog will be seen trampling the bed and the blanket to make it more comfortable.

Dogs that stay outdoors would find the most comfortable spot to sleep. Once an ideal spot is found, the dog would dig the ground, circle around and retire to sleep. This behavior is commonly noticed when the day is hot as it is the dog’s way of cooling itself by exposing the cooler layer of the soil. Circling around several times makes the bed more comfortable as the vegetation is pressed and any stones that would bring the dog discomfort are removed.

Dogs have another reason for circling around several times before lying down. Modern day dogs have inherited their wolf ancestor’s habit of making sure that the bed is free from snakes and other dangerous insects.

Dogs are one of the pets considered to be members of the family. Some pet parents consider doggie beds not be good enough for the pet. They are also allowed to sleep with their owners. This situation therefore negates the dog’s need to make the bed more comfortable or to ensure that the sleeping area is free from snakes and insects. The habit of turning around though still persists. This is one of the habits of dogs that cannot be understood by humans in spite of the long years of association. In spite of this fact, dogs are considered to be the ultimate pets. Dogs are still man’s best friends.

Dogs do many amusing things. One of them is to circle before lying down. Having learnt about this behaviour and why they do it. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn about other curious behaviours like why do dogs howl, pant or eat dirt? At Sarah’s Dogs you can.

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