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Your flushing pet dog must be able to mark and retrieve fallen birds so that he makes a greater hunting companion.  One way that you simply can improve on his abilities in marking and retrieving is to use marking drills.  The more you practice these drills with your family dog, the greater he will likely be at marking and retrieving.  Rather than waiting a couple of years before your dog begins to excel at these skills in the field, you can accelerate the learning method by using marking drills.  
What is marking?
Marking could be the capability of one’s dog to have the ability to uncover the fallen bird and, in several situations, retrieve it to you.  You should start out training a bird hunting dog as a puppy so that they can learn ways to retrieve and know to utilize their nose to uncover the game at the sound of the shotgun.  Your canine wants to have the ability to discover the game at the same time as retrieve it to you.  Though retrieving isn’t a natural instinct for some breeds, most gundog breeds can find out how you can retrieve.  
Why use marking drills?
The objective of marking drills is to get your pet dog to obtain a fallen bird by working with his sense of smell after which choose it up and return it to you.  This is what makes a good hunting dog.  Marking drills physical exercise practice in this arena to ensure that your pet dog might be additional adept at hunting in the field.  
How to teach marking drills
It really is greatest to make use of scented decoys once you are working on marking drills along with your dog.  The pet dog won’t only use eyesight to see the fallen bird, but will rely heavily on his sense of smell to mark the bird.  It is possible to acquire scent for instance duck scent, and use it with decoys.  You may also use pigeons as a strategy to perform marking drills.  
You must initially get your family dog acclimated towards the scent of the decoy or pigeon.  Marking drills are best performed by two men and women or with a decoy launcher.  You should show your puppy 1 of the scented decoys and let him get used to the smell.  You are able to then toss the decoy up within the air and let him discover it.  He should be able to mark it and retrieve.  
The subsequent step is acquiring him to know that when the shotgun goes off, he is to run and uncover the bird.  You do this by having your puppy by your side, after which shooting at a launched target.  It’s best to have a friend toss in a decoy so that your puppy understands that when the gun goes off, there is some thing to locate that he must detect and bring to you.  
As you continue marking drills, you wish to improve the challenge for your dog.  The extra you practice marking drills along with your canine, the much better he will probably be at hunting.  You may get started training your canine employing marking drills when he is actually a puppy and can continue these drills even following he begins hunting with you so that he becomes additional adept at marking and retrieving.     
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