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Simple Tricks To Stop Your Dog Whining

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Dog owners would always find it disturbing when their dog whines, and they are always trying to find an answer to the question “How do I get my dog to stop whining?”. If you want to stop your dog from whining, you have to find the reason behind its behavior.

You should understand that new puppies who have come to your home naturally whine, particularly during night time. Until the puppy came to your home, it was warmly spending its night along with its mother and siblings, and it is too much to expect such a little puppy to feel comfortable inside a cardboard box without anyone around.

You may think that you can take the puppy into your bed. But, because you don’t want to make it a regular habit for your puppy, you can bring its bed inside your bedroom so that it can sleep in your presence feeling comfortable. You can keep touching it with your hands to make it feel comfortable, and soon it will start feeling better.

Another reason for whining is that the dog may want to move out, and this can be checked by letting it out. You need to understand that you cannot always curb its desire to go out, as restricting it can even lead to accidents.

Your dog is probably very eager to get attention from you, and many dogs will whine when they want you to pet or play with them.

Usually, when your pet comes whining to you to get your attention, you either start petting him or give him a scold. A good way to curb this habit is to not pay any attention to your dog when it is whining, but the moment it stops whining you should start petting it.

Don’t pet the dog or scold it to stop whining because it will understand that it has successfully attracted your attention due to its whining. Ignore your dog when it whines for attention, but as soon as it stops, praise the dog and make sure you give it the attention it craves. You can also take your dog by surprise just before it was about to whine and start playing with it.


Your dog can also be whining because of the anxiety caused due to separation. If you solve your dog’s separation anxiety, you can help him stop whining. Train your dog to bear loneliness for longer periods until the training makes it comfortable for him to remain alone without whining. Once your dog is accustomed to being alone while you are out, the problem of whining will take care of itself.  Dog owners use the method of crate training to make their dog feel safe and sound when there is no one along with him.

But, a lot of dogs don’t like being put in crates and start whining. Not only is proper, intelligent crate training necessary in order for the dog to accept being in a crate, but dogs that are kept too long in a crate will whine out of frustration and boredom.

Proper crate training involves not leaving your dog inside crates for long periods, but at the same time making him habitual to the training, which will help him to stop whining.

If your dog doesn’t have any past of whining and begins whining for no reason, you need to understand that it is suffering from some ailment or injury. Your pet cannot in any other way tell you what is wrong with him, so sudden whining means that he is hurt or sick and you should take him immediately to a veterinarian.

For more great dog training advice and to grab yourself a FREE e-book (worth $27) I urge you to click this link right now

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Get Rid Of Fleas When Fido Brings Them Home

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

As much as you love your dog, just remember, fleas really love him too.  When you own a dog, learning how to prevent or get rid of fleas is a crucial skill to learn.

If your pet encounters fleas outside your home, they can hop aboard your dog and get a ride back into your home. They can leap on humans too of course, but the furry critter nearest to the ground is much more inviting to them. When inside they will breed like crazy and you may discover your house infested after only a few days.

Get Rid Of Fleas – Step One

Check to see if the dog has fleas.  Running your hand through your dogs fur may not confirm anything as the fleas will run and hide so it is best to use a special flea comb.

It’s quite easy to use a flea comb but you will need to dispose of any living fleas that can get stuckin the comb’s teeth. Mix up a solution of cleaning soap and water to swiftly dip the comb into as this will kill the fleas – horrible but necessary.

Starting at the dog’s head near the ears, run the comb backwards through their fur, additionally check under the tail and legs. Running a wet comb through their fur repeatedly is quite unpleasant for them but if you are discovering fleas, keep this procedure up for as long as your dog will tolerate it.

Get Rid Of Fleas – Step Two – FleaControl  For Your Dog

Combing them out is solely a temporary measure. You’ll need to offer the dog protection that can kill any fleas still living on him and destroy any more that may get on him later. There are two terrific products on the market which do this, Frontline Plus and Advantage.

Frontline Plus will not only get rid of fleas within about 12 hours, but will keep your dog free for around a month or so and is waterproof. It will destroy fleas at all phases of their lifecycle; adult, larva and eggs. An added reward is this medication also protects agains ticks – one more important hazard for your dog.

Advantage can also  get rid of fleas inside of about 12 hours and keep your dog clear for up to a month. This product is water resistant and also can kill fleas at all stages of their lifecycle.

Make sure to get the correct medication for your dog’s size/weight etc. and always talk to your veterinarian if in doubt. You can ask the vet to prescribe a medication specifically for your dog.

How to Use Frontline or Advantage

These products are very straightforward to apply, simply puncture the tube and squeeze the contents. Part the fur and apply a spot on the dog where he can’t very easily scratch or lick it, usually at the back of your dog’s head at the neck.

Get Rid Of Fleas – Stage 3 – Flea Management for the Home

If you’re unlucky enough to have fleas in the home there are several methods to try. If it’s a significant infestation it is possible to use a fogger, these products are toxic and you’ll likely need one for every room. Be sure to very carefully stick to all the manufacturers instructions.

There’s a less toxic product, that is a powder which I find truly great, it’s called Fleabusters. But again be sure to adhere to the instructions.

Get Rid Of Fleas – Step Four – Flea Control for the Backyard

There are several very good products for the yard available. I favor one which attaches to the garden hose for easy application. A good example is Adams Plus Yard Spray.

It may be quite a bit of work but if you follow the above steps; treating the dog every single month for 2 or 3 months and treating the house and garden, you will quickly see an end to the flea problem.


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How do you discipline your dog

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Dogs are used by man in various capacities. Due to the loyal and affectionate nature, dogs are most commonly kept as pets and home companions. The dog owner will always receive the credit for the impressive appearance and the good behavior of the dog. This would be due to the fact that caring and responsible dog owners would make sure that the pet is provided with the best food and care to ensure its well being. Ensuring that the pet receives its basic needs would not be enough as the dog would still need to be socialized, obedience trained and disciplined.

Dogs are commonly treated as family members. Oftentimes, the pet dog will be treated as the baby of the family thus attention and love will be focused on the pet. Dogs are not unlike living toys that will provide the family with affection and constant entertainment. The affection to the pet usually gives rise to unwanted behaviors when family allows the pet have its way. Instead of being owned the dog would now own the human family.

Incessant barking, filching food, raiding trash cans, inappropriate chewing and jumping at people are only some of the bad habits of dogs. Some dog owners have this notion that dogs should not be reprimanded for these unwanted habits as these are animals and therefore not expected to understand what is acceptable and what is not. Along with providing the basic needs of the dogs, an owner should also take time to discipline the pet.

If the dog is naughty, too effusive with its greetings or showing an aggressive behavior towards other pets, controlling the pet would certainly be necessary. Disciplining the dog is necessary but do you have what it takes to accomplish this task? Which method would you use to make the pet aware that you are the alpha male – physical punishment or positive reinforcements in the form of toys and treats?

Physical punishment may not be effective as even though dogs are intelligent animals they may not be aware why they are being punished. The trick is to use something that will be remembered by the dog like being sprayed with cold water or being startled with the sound of rattling can. The sound of rattling coins in the tin can or the feel of the cold water on the dog’s face every time the dog is on one of its unwanted habits like jumping on people or tormenting cat would eventually make the pet think twice about doing the unwanted habit again. These simple methods of discipline would be more effective than physical punishment.

There are many ways to discipline a dog. You have now learned about some of the ways. At Sarah’s Dogs you can find further discussion on the topic.

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Handling Your Dog

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Having a dog is a big responsibility. You have to invest your time, spend some money and put some energy into it. In return, you will get a companion, a waggedy tail that greets you and protection for the house. It’s all worthwhile.

What Else Can You Look Forward To?

When you adopt a dog or a puppy, you want to take time to instruct the animal and have your dog conform to the routine. Dogs love attention, so television time may also include treats for the dog. If you need to, figure on at least three walks a day. It all comes with retaining a dog.

A dog could live ten years or more. So having a dog is a long term commitment. In that time period, you could have some good years and some tough years. Through it all, your dog will always be with you.

After Adopting a Dog, What’s Next?

When you adopt a dog, you will have to do the following:

1. Bonding – Your dog knows that you are the master. You contain a certain respect for the dog. The dog has become a part of the household.

2. House Training includes barking, chewing and whining. The dog owner has to deal with this. The veterinarian and the dog trainer can also help with these problems.

What about Potty Training?

When it reaches to Potty Training, there are two types of dogs that could do with housebreaking. They include puppies and older dogs that have just moved to a new home. Puppies and older dogs have special needs.

What about Older Dogs?

If you relocate or decide to adopt an older dog, housebreaking a dog into a new home is necessary. The dog requires to become familiar with his new area. Afford the dog a few days to get used to.

As with people, changes in food and water can cause diarrhea. Your dog may be sick for a couple of days. Check with the veterinarian and have the dog examined. See what can be done to end the diarrhea.

Every once in a while, you possibly could find some poop in a hideaway area. It’s been here for a number of days. Don’t punish your dog, as they don’t acknowledge what they have done. Instead, just clean up the mess.

What about Puppies?

Puppies, though, are a different story, when it comes to housebreaking a dog. Puppies may not control themselves, till they are about five months old. It’s hard to keep up, every time puppies have to go.

Keep a record of the puppy’s habits. A puppy can take five to ten walks per day. Puppies urinate after they eat, drink water, play, chew, or sleep. Their body is living all day and all night.

What Should You Do?

To care for your dog, you will need to do the following:

1. Obedience – You should expend time to train your dog. You want the dog to be good around the house and around people. A good dog trainer can work you.

2. Exercise and Attention – Dogs need to exercise and that can includes dog walks or trips to the park. They want attention and that takes time.

3. Medical Care – that includes appointments with the veterinarian, flea and heartworm medicine and occasional emergency runs to the veterinarian. Looking after for your dog means keeping the dog healthy.

4. Grooming – on some dogs, like poodles, you require to have the dog groomed. The fir grows out and needs to be trimmed. You might also obtain a kit and do it yourself.

You can go online to train a dog. There are courses and books available to help you with the process. It’s not hard to do; but, the training will take time.

You Possibly Could Do It!

It’s a big responsibility to care for your dog. Dogs are great pets and wonderful companions!

Good Luck!



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Treatment for Dog Poisoning In Dogs

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Dogs are often treated as pseudo people because after long years of living with humans these animals show many human-like behaviors. Dogs that have survived in the wild under any kind of weather are now comfortably kept in temperature controlled homes. Dogs are carried in trendy carrier bags, wearing cute doggie outfits and accessories or sleeping in their comfortable beds are signs that these animals have indeed adapted to the ways of humans. From devouring prey, dogs are now feasting on human foods. Dogs are generally carnivorous but these pets would be seen relishing the coldness and sweetness of ice creams. Dogs would not say no to the taste of chocolates

Dogs have developed a taste for chocolates – and who wouldn’t? Chocolates are yummy and quite addicting. The melt in the mouth goodness of chocolates is hard for humans to resist thus a lot will be eaten but in dogs substantial amounts of chocolates would already cause poisoning. Theobromine, the chemical contained by chocolate makes this human food poisonous to dogs. Dogs do not have the enzyme necessary to metabolize Theobromine thus ingestion of substantial amounts of chocolates will cause poisoning.

Eating chocolates, especially if substantial amount is consumed will result to stomach upset, vomiting and intoxication in dogs. The dog may find it difficult to stand up or walk. Rapid pulse, bluish gums and seizure are the common signs of chocolate poisoning.

So what should owners do if the dog eats chocolates? Chocolates are potentially fatal to pets and dogs that have ingested this human food must be given immediate medical attention. Dogs have different reactions to chocolates. Some would show sign of poisoning at once while in other dogs, the symptoms would appear several hours after the chocolate was ingested. This is due to the fact that poisoning would depend on the dog’s weight and on the amount of chocolate and on the kind of chocolate ingested by the dog.

To be on the safe side, the pet must have medical attention even if symptoms of poisoning are not yet shown. Dogs that have eaten chocolates especially, substantial amounts, must have professional medical attention at once. As a first aid treatment, the dog can be given blackened toast as this will bind the poison and prevent it from being absorbed by the body. If the pet has not yet vomited, the vet would induce vomiting to remove as much of the poison as possible. After the dog has vomited, activated charcoal can now be administered to prevent the body from absorbing the toxic substance .

Dog chocolate poisoning is a searious matter. Learn more about what to do if your dog eats chocolate, why they cannot have chocolate and chocolate toxicity in dogs at Sarah’s Dogs.

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health insurance for dogs

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

Dog Insurance

So you’ve bought that puppy and started your training and socialisation regime. You and your fanily are all excited about the new arrival and you have acquired all the miscellaneous kit to make its life a happy and contented one. But hold on a minute. Have you taken into account the need for pet insurance? Why on earth would I want pet insurance I hear you ask. Well, canines might be costly to maintain in normal circumstances, but just suppose circumstances} change, and health difficulties occur. What can a vet cost? What fees could you face should the pet be responsible for an accident to a third party, or bite a different dog? What about the prices of vaccination or kennels if you go on holiday?

These concerns may never have occurred to you when you were initially thinking about a pet, but undoubtedly ought to be factored into your finances especially in these financially straitened times. Pet Insurance coverage is provided by a variety of Insurance Companies and various Pet organisations but when thinking about taking out a policy, the very first thing you should do is check your home insurance coverage, which occasionally gives cover for the owner but not the dog.  So the dog may only be covered when he is in the care of the insured householder or your family.

Read the Small~ Print

Insurance policies are notorious for the “small print” and forobscured “exclusion clauses” so ensure you check any prospective policy in depth so you know what level of cover you will get for the money. Animal policies can vary substantially in detail, with a variety of reductions available and differing excess fees applied. Generally speaking, a normal policy can cover areas such as:

.   Veterinary  costs, typically including on-going treatment costs..

.   Emergency boarding kennel fees..  

.   Third party liability and legal costs should an incident comes to Court..

.   Early death from disease or accident..

.   Reimbursement costs of the purchase cost of the dog in the event of mis-selling by the breeder..

.   Recovery~Restoration~Replacement} costs~charges~fees} in the event~ of a lost animal..

.   Loss due to theft.

.   Referral costs for specialist veterinary treatment, or particular medications.

Calculate the Costs

The costs of a policy can therefore differ widely subject to the cover you elect to take out. Fees could also vary owing to considerations like place of residence, size and breed of your pet, and a array of various factors, so it can be relatively tough to evaluate like with like. Check with the vet if in doubt… most vets know what is available and can suggest  the most cost effective cover for you given your needs and budget..

Be aware that Insurance policies do not normally cover items such as:

.   Preventative vaccination, such as worming shots
.   Dog neutering at owner’s request.
.   Caesarean surgery at birthing.
.   Death of a mother dog during or after birthing.
.   Death of new born puppies.
.   Cover for whelping risks if you are breeding from your bitch.

There are many Insurance sites on the Internet nowadays, and some comparison web sites which can help you decide on the most cost effective cover for your particular needs. Make sure you check the cover, read the fine print and you will be able to relax in the knowledge that your dog insurance is in place and your animal is protected. but remember you will have to keep up those premiums, so make sure they are budgetted for.

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Information On Cheyletiella Mange Dogs: Some Necessary Details

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

The following are most details on cheyletiella mange dogs. If you own a pet, it’s critical which you’re clued-up about it. This is because it can be the a lot disheartening of all skin diseases your dog may acquire.

Unlike ordinary mites, the parasite powering that sort of mange is vast enough to be seen to the naked eye. Due to large size of cheyletiella mites, your dog can sense them strolling on their skin, so infestation can be really itchy. It pores and skin ailment is highly contagious. Dogs can surely get it from contact with various contaminated animals.

It’s also known as walking dandruff. Cheyletiella mites bring about flakes and machines that, upon closer examination, transfer close to as the mites additionally move close to. If this can be transferred from an infected pet to a healthy and balanced one, it may additionally be transferred to people. Even so, the disorder may not advancement on human skin. The a whole lot worse one can occurence is short-term itchiness and redness of the pores and skin.

Simply like any other types of mange, the cheyletiella form much more or much less produces a similar signs and symptoms. It brings about scaling and crusting of the pores and skin. Your dog may happening extreme itching. Additionally, hair loss is evident around the impacted areas of the skin. It’s typically the head, nck and back that are attacked, though the illness can strike virtually wherever else.

Pups and grownup dogs alike may endure from that skin sickness. That’s why it’s really vital to take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as indicators and signs or symptoms show up. That way, prompt treatment training may be administered proper away. Fortunately for you and your dog, it’s effortlessly treatable.

The variety of treatment due to could depend on the degree or severity of the cheyletiella mange. For really gentle cases, shampoo made up of selenium sulfide may need to be used as soon as weekly for bathing the dog. It’s in essence a similar sort of shampoo employed by humans suffering from dandruff. The chemical in it can kill off the mites, and relieve redness and itchiness of the skin.

The place there’s extreme skin irritation, verbal medicines may be given by the veterinarian. Such is commonly antibiotics, to keep an infection at bay. An contaminated dog may also be dipped in a variety of chemical solutions to exterminate the mites on the pores and skin. Such dips may contain pyrethrin, lime sulphur or amitraz. That may be accomplished at the hospital of the vet, or even at home.

For intense cases, injection of ivermectin may be required to kill the cheyletiella mites from the inside out. Having said that, that may not be employed for all varieties of dogs. Most kinds may display to indicators of toxicity also in little quantities of the drug. The form of treatment your pet will get will depend on which the veterinarian deems vital.

But still the best way to go is by performing most preventive measures. Correct giving and hygiene could keep your pet’s immune system hardy enough to ward off likely an infection. Also, hold frequented areas clean, like home bedding. By becoming acquainted with some info on cheyletiella mange dogs, you can hold your pet happy, protected and nutritious.

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Joomla Web Hosting In General

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

A content management system, Joomla, lets its user to develop websites and several internet applications. Applications have several aspects like extensibility and ease of use which has made it the most common webhosting software available. When this software is used to manage the content of a web site then the process is called as joomla hosting.

What are the benefits of Joomla Hosting?

The way in which a school library maintains track of the books stored in it, Joomla web hosting, in a similar way maintains track of the entire website’s content. The content managed can range from documents, simple texts, music, video, photos or anything that is to be uploaded digitally on the website and one major benefit is that it needs little technical knowledge and skill to manage the system as system manages user’s content automatically.

This type of web hosting is used to maintain man numbers of websites regardless of their sizes which include online magazines, corporate websites, portals, intranets and extranets, online reservations, electronic commerce, church websites and personal web pages.

Acquiring Services

Joomla client can be installed manually from source code on system which runs web servers that support PHP applications by making use of turnkey appliance which comprises of applications.

Joomla web hosting, today, is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain a website as even newbie can carry out single click install easily and in few minutes, the website will be up and running and the web application developer can empower its customers to manage the websites for themselves, hence saving money of the clients which can be levied as a website maintenance fee.

Joomla web hosting also contains extensible support worldwide from its developing community of talented web developers and friendly users which currently stands more than 200,000 contributors that also makes future of Joomla brighter.

Joomla comes with in-built strong application that makes it easy for web application developer to work with quality add-on-tools that enhance power of Joomla in many directions and framework of Joomla will allow web developers to use number of key system applications like the inventory control systems, application bridges, communication tools, reservation systems, data reporting tools, and complex business directories etc.

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Why Use Pet Containment Devices Like Are the Electronic Fences

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

If you ask any psychologist, he would tell you that there is no therapy better than what a happy animal can give you. Pet owners live longer and happier than persons alone. In order to get well along with their pets, people need to train them. There are people who have funny stories about their pets doing something they should not do and there are also people who talk about how their pets are alive only by chance. Different types of electronic devices are used to train pets in various situations to avoid dangers and they are all known also as pet containment tools or electronic training equipments. While many owners find it very easy to train their pets in certain ways, there are others who try a host of methods but fail to teach their pets to not bark, not cross a certain territory or even to stay with them and not run away during a walk. The dog lacking this basic type of training are exposed of all kind of risky situations. Dogs act and behave based on their instincts, but as the owner is the leader of the pet’s family, it’s his responsibility to teach the dog how to behave in different types of situations. This is a recipe for disaster that can be avoided with proper training by the use of pet containment devices like the electronic collar. People opposing to these electronic collars argue that they are inhumane, but forget the basic fact that a human, the owner of the pet, is responsible for the way these devices are used. Humane or inhumane can be the way you regulate the number, succession or intensity of the aversive stimuli your are delivering to your dog in case its activity or behavior become a risk for its health or the safety of any animal or human around. If the owner act responsibly and really wants to train its dog, he or she will mainly use the warning sound in order to teach their pets how to act correctly in any type of situation, and don’t need to use very much the electric pulse or shock. There are primarily three things that that you can use the electronic collar for. 1. Containing the dog within the space you consider safe for it. If running free on the streets or in the country, your pet can enter into different situations and it can be injured or get lost. You can use the electronic fencing collar to restrain the movements of your pet to a place you consider safe for it to roam around and play. 2. Training obedience to your pet:. Whether in the city or out in the country, a pet who does not listen to you can either get lost or hurt himself due to his reckless behavior. Training implies both positive and negative reinforcement techniques, and you can use the remote trainers to correct your dog’s improper actions or behavior. 3. Reducing excessive or inappropriate barking of your dog: Sometimes, even a dog that barks too much can be a problem. All people in and around your house, you, your family members and your neighbors will be disturbed by your dog’s excessive barking or if it uses to bark during the times when people use to rest. You can use the electronic collar for bark control to reduce at a minimum this annoying habit of your dog.

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How you can Use A Check Cord

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Post by:
Gary Mix, a network specialist and wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida
Pet Photography

A check cord is a useful tool that will be used to train your dog for straightforward commands also as hunting abilities.  A check cord slips around the D ring within the leather collar on your dog.  It is actually made of strong nylon that’s easy to deal with and won’t bend like a rope.  Whenever you tug on the check cord, you are letting your dog know that he is performing something incorrect.  
Whenever you are training a dog for bird hunting, you need him to walk in front of you.  There is a point once you are working with your dog when he will need to be away from you.  This really is exactly where the check cord comes in handy.  You’ll want to use numerous drills to make use of the check cord to train your dog on simple commands.
The check cord need to be utilised in quartering drills.  The dog will need to not tug on the cord to try to take off running.  He should quarter in front of you.  It is possible to use the check cord to get him to turn if you want too as to sit and come to you.  The check cord ought to ideally be about 20 to 25 feet in length.  The purpose with the cord is to tug at the collar, giving your dog a reminder that he is doing the incorrect thing.  When the cord does not pull, he knows that he is behaving accordingly.  
There’s a bowline knot at the finish of the check cord which will maintain the cord from finding tangled.  The D ring will need to be in the back with the collar of the dog.  Whenever you are employing the check cord, you need to be cautious not to tug on it too tough.  You’ll want to give a brief tug when the dog methods out of line.  Making use of a check cord is related to employing an electronic dog collar in which you wish to give gentle reminders to the dog after you are going by way of drills.  If the dog takes off running, you are able to then pull firmly on the check cord.  
Your dog really should walk in front of you at about ten and two, as if comparing to a clock.  Once you first put a dog on a lead, his instinct is going to be to pull in the lead and try to move further away from you.  One of the initially things that you have to teach a dog is ways to quarter.  This is imperative for a gun dog  and also for any dog.  
Sitting is yet another drill that you can practice along with your dog employing the check cord.  It is possible to also teach him to retrieve in this way.  As opposed to working with voice commands, on the other hand, you might be much better off to start utilizing voice commands to sit and come right after he has gotten utilised to the check cord.  This will make it simpler for him to create the connection towards the verbal command and will also make training less complicated.  
Training a dog using a check cord isn’t complicated and must be a practice for all dog owners.  A check cord is easy to use and will help you train your dog in fundamental command drills.   
Buying the right hunting dog supplies is really important. Check out for a lot of information on Innotek 2200 Dog Containment and Innotek SD3000.

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